Advanced International Cleaning - Worst house cleaning ever!

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I bought a 2 man crew for a 2 hour cleaning through Groupon for a house cleaning through Advanced International Cleaning.I left so they could have space.

Big Mistake! They did not do anything I could not have done in under 30 minutes. Groupon said they would note the complaint but did nothing else and I have not heard back from management at all for Advanced International Cleaning. It was absolutely the worst house cleaning I have ever seen.

My guess is they sat on my couch and played angry birds until the two hours was up.Do not use them!

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i filed a complain with the bbb and this issue is going back and forward...i think the majority of the people who bought into this groupon deal got scammed either into paying more money or not doing the job.As for me...i got scammed and they did not do a complete job.

One guy came over and charged an additional $80 for a job that was already paid for. Then he asked if my parents wanted the metal vents cleaned also for $5 a piece...since we have 8 vents in the house that's an additional $40...basically i paid $69 for the service and an additional $80 on top of it and opted out to get my vent covers cleaned for an additional $5 a piece...after the job was done the guy did not even clean the dryer vent on the deal. After filing a complain with the bbb they kept complaining that the tech was getting yelled at so he had to rsh the job.

This is a bunch of BS since my parents can't even speak good english to be yelling at the tech.I am calling my credit card company tomorrow to dispute the groupon charges.


Anyone who leaves strangers alone in their home to do ANYTHING shouldn't be surprised. Consumer is lucky they didn't walk out with her belongings. :eek

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